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One-click PNR carbon score for you.
Real-time data decision making for your clients.
EcoTrip – Work Better

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No more HX ADMs for you.
Real-time itinerary change notification for your clients.
QBotic Cloud Service – Work Better

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Touchless involuntary reissue for you.
Flawless airport check-in for your clients.
QBotic Pro – Work Better

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Miracle worker waitlist confirmations for you.
Impossible to get reservations for your clients.
KLeer Cloud Service – Work Better

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Lower fare notification for you.
Fare savings for your clients.
Less Cloud Service – Work Better


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Don’t have the resources to implement a new software solution? Cloud Services require no installation, no configuration and no training.




Can’t find software that does what you want? We can design and develop a solution that does exactly what you want, exclusively for you.




Having trouble figuring out how to accomplish what you need? We can learn what you require, review your processes, and design implementation strategies that work for you.



We understand your business needs. Our products are built with that in mind.

QBotic - Remove HX segments, Queue Management
QBotic - Remove HX segments, Queue Management

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Human resource is precious. Why waste it on repetitive, rote tasks. Travel Automation specializes in services that automate agency tasks that generate no revenue. Working the queues; notifying clients of changes; revalidating and reissuing tickets due to airline changes; looking for fare reductions; searching for last seat inventory. All these tasks take your best people away from revenue generating activities.

Travel Automation uses AI (Actual Intelligence) to design services that are flexible, efficient, and affordable.

Does Your Client Require CO2 Reporting?

EcoTrip helps you to report carbon emissions (CO2) for air, hotel, and car segments. Quickly calculate emission estimates for each segment in an itinerary using the simple interface. Emission totals can then be added to the PNR as remarks.

Remarks are simple no matter what you need. Get started right away by using the standard itinerary and invoice remarks provided. Or you can fully configure remarks according to your specific reporting requirements.

You can’t change what you can’t track.

Start tracking with EcoTrip.

What Our Customers Say

When the Covid-19 crisis hit, we needed a reliable, automated refund solution quickly. We turned to our partners at Sabre, who highly recommended Travel Automation. Working with Dale and his team, we were able to implement a solution within one week. We’ve now been working together for nearly one year, and we continue to be very impressed with Travel Automation’s responsiveness and service quality.


Product Director – Travel,

Kleer is the best investment we ever made and it opened new possibilities for our business. Due to COVID19 Australian government has placed capacity restrictions on incoming passengers finding seats for our customers were almost impossible. While we sleep at night, Kleer works for us and finds the seats for our clients.


Managing Director, Helloworld Dandenong

I just wanted to pass along how pleased we have been using QBotic Service from Travel Automation. Schedule changes are a costly non-revenue headache for all travel management companies, and ours is no different. In the past, the man hours spent on dealing with simple airline schedule changes and updated document delivery has been very expensive as we’ve relied on our support department and individual agents to handle any and all airline schedule changes received from the airlines. With the implementation of QBotic Service, those man hours have been dramatically reduced as the automated handling of these PNRs allows our agents to focus on what we do best – creating long lasting relationships with our clients and selling travel – instead of monotonously working a queue of predominantly minor schedule changes. We have found the QBotic Service application to be efficient and reliable as it assists us with both minor and major schedule changes. The configuration capabilities of the product are robust and have been a set-it-and-forget-it type of task for us. That is particularly helpful as we use QBotic Service across a dozen different pseudo city codes, with roughly a half dozen queues monitored within each. Perhaps the best aspect of using your product has been the support that is provided when we have had additional PCCs to add or update, or when we have had to alter our document delivery methodology. The support we have received has been extremely prompt and professional each time, which is a rarity among the vendors we have used for myriad products in the past. All in all, QBotic Service has been a great boost to our productivity and efficiency and has proven to be well worth the modest investment of capital and time to implement.


Technology Project Manager

During our search for optimization and atomization of manual actions by agents one thing stood out that would always take a lot of time. This was exchanging previously issues tickets after involuntary changes. This labor-intensive action has no added value for us as on OTA and is only an administrative task. One of our priorities were to reduce the time spend on this significantly. Our partners at Sabre directed us to Travel Automation and their QBotic Pro product. This was exactly what we were looking for and met all of our expectations. Besides that, working with Dale and the team was always very pleasant. All queries were answered quickly and correctly. I would always recommend the QBotic Pro product to other Travel Agencies or OTA’s.


IT support Air product, Otravo BV

Gogo, the leading provider for inflight internet, partnered with Travel Automation to help develop their Sabre Red App for U.S. based Sabre travel agents. The Gogo Inflight Internet Red App allows the agents to easily sell the “Sabre All-Day Pass” to their clients traveling on Gogo’s domestic participating airlines’ Gogo equipped flights, offering a value add to the trip. Travel Automation’s expertise in the travel industry and the Sabre environment along with their professionalism, insightfulness, and dedication to the project provided the assistance Gogo was looking for in creating the application. Gogo highly recommends Travel Automation for anyone seeking help in developing their Sabre Red App.


Gogo, Director of Sales – Channel Partnership

QBotic Service has proven to be an extremely reliable tool in queue management for FCm Travel Solutions. It has reduced our agents workload in inbound queues by approximately 85%. The ongoing implementation process has been smooth and the support and service we have received from both top management and the support team has been PHENONOMENAL! The response time on everything from simple questions to configuration tweaks has been 24 hours or less…totally unparalleled with any other partner within our industry. We look forward to implementing QBotic within many of our brands within Flight Centre US and are thankful for such a strong partnership in servicing our clients.


Team Leader, Development and Automation – FCm Travel Solutions

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all of the fine work you have done for Acendas. Helping us automate our ticketing process and building our front end scripting process from scratch was no easy task. Your experience with the GDS and your ability to work with multiple levels of languages is a very hard skill-set to find….and we are so appreciative of finding you! We look forward to more projects in the near future.


President – Acendas

Working with Travel Automation has been a pleasure. Their ability to understand our needs and provide insightful guidance has been beyond expectation. Their vast knowledge of Sabre processes and the ability to convey this in a timely, professional and friendly manner has made working with them a real pleasure.


Technology Specialist – Airport Assistance Worldwide

TSI USA has been extremely happy with the work and suggestions for our front line scripting. Travel Automation has helped develop scripts that have increased productivity and decreased agents workload. The knowledge base at Travel Automation is extensive and they have a good grasp on Sabre which helps with getting new and existing processes updated quickly and without a lot of rework. They also have been very good with quick turnaround times on changes and additions.


Director, Operations – TSI USA

Travel Automation’s assistance was invaluable in enabling the conversion of our customer profiles from Travelport to Sabre. The process saved many man hours, a great deal of painful manual intervention and was conducted in a really professional and speedy manner.


Operations & Special Projects Manager – Eton Travel Group

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