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Travel Automation provides a wide range of cloud services to agencies both large and small. What are cloud services? They are services to your agency that require no installation, no configuration and no training. QBotic, KLeer and Less are public services available to a wide range of agencies. But Travel Automation operates private cloud services as well.

Do you have a process that could be automated? Would a private cloud service be right for your agency? Do you have an idea for a public cloud service? Please feel free to share and discuss your needs and ideas with us.

Cloud Services - Custom travel applications, Bespoke travel applications


Automatically look for seats on sold out flights, book and/or notify when a seat is found.


Automatically process airline schedule changes and messages, accept schedule changes, send notification, remove HX segments.


Automatically look for a cheaper fare on an existing itinerary, notify when found.

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Does vendor email support typically meet your needs?  Many find they wait for days, or they never get a response!  Our email support is fantastic!  Email requests and questions are usually answered on the same day received, if not the same hour!

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