But what if  you have an existing Sabre script library that you wish to convert to Sabre Red Apps? Travel Automation can help. We have extensive knowledge of both Sabre Scribe and Red Apps. You might say, we speak both languages! And our new Scribbler service can help to quickly convert Sabre Scribe source code to Red App source code. How amazing is that?

What is Scribbler?

Scribbler is a tool using compiler theory and machine learning to automatically convert Sabre Scribe source code to Red App java code. On average at present, Scribbler is able to recognize and convert about 80% of Sabre Scribe source code. Script design and complexity impact that results. Some scripts convert at 100%, others at 60%.

In additional to converting the code, Scribbler provides insights into the script complexity and design. What is the flowchart as one script spawns to another? What commands are used within the script code? These questions and others provide easy analysis of any script application or library.

Why should you consider Scribbler?

Thousands of agencies around the world have been using Sabre Scripts successfully for years. Some have one or more script writers. Some have relied on outside help. And some had a script writer in the past but now they are no longer with the company. Some agencies have a great deal of resources and budget to spend, while others have more modest goals.

Regardless of your agency’s circumstances Scribbler may be right for you. First, let’s look at agencies that have limited resources. Why might they consider converting their Sabre Scripts to Red Apps?

Red Apps converted by Scribbler are 100% faster than the source scripts

If you rely on Sabre Scripts for exchanges, QC, file finishing, etc., you need them to be fast. But the same scripts that served you well on legacy Sabre are not as fast on Sabre 360. If scripted processes consume 100% more time than before, that can have a significant impact on your agent productivity and profits. Converting your scripts to Red Apps with Scribbler will double their speed on Sabre 360!

Using Scribbler to Create Red Apps is Less Costly

Red App development is about 4 times more costly than Sabre Script development. Red App developers cost more, and it simply takes longer. Converting your Sabre Script source code to java source code will save about 80% of the expected development time. A modest Red App can easily cost more than $30,000 USD. Scribbler can cut as much as $24,000 off that cost.

Red App developers can’t read Sabre Script source code

As a rule, java developers can't interpret legacy Sabre Script source code.. Finding resources that can read and understand Sabre Script source code can be difficult and will certainly add significant cost to your Red App conversion project. Converting your Sabre Script source code to java source code will enable your developers to directly read and understand the process.

Sabre Scripts might not work in the future

Sabre 360 will continue to run legacy Sabre Scripts for as long as it can. But is it really hard to imagine the day when it won’t? You can’t afford to be without your automation for even one day. Now is the time to get prepared and have your Sabre Scripts converted to Red Apps with Scribbler. It’s fast and relatively inexpensive. In most cases you can be up and running with your new Red Apps in as little as 8 weeks.

Analyze your current script library

Scribbler will very quickly provide insight into the design and complexity of any script application or library. If you are considering a script to Red App conversion project you need to have a good understanding of what is contained in your script code. Depending on your circumstances that can be an enormous, or even impossible, task. Scribbler will give you that insight instantly.

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