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QBotic - Remove HX segments, Queue Management
QBotic - Remove HX segments, Queue Management

Queue Management

How much time do your agents spend “working” the queues?  Some industry analysts say agents spend as much as 10 minutes of every hour going through queues.  That’s easily an hour of every day.  Those same analysts also say that 85% of the PNRs reviewed do not really need any human touch.  Wow.  That’s a lot of wasted time.  Now you can put much of that time back into productive activities.

Remove HX Segments

Take the “work” out of working the queues.  QBotic automatically monitors your queues, reads the PNR, decides what needs to be done and--more importantly--what it can do for you.  QBotic can accept minor schedule changes, check minimum connection time, remove HX segments, notify the traveler and see that major changes get the needed attention.  QBotic also reads airline messages, so you don’t have to.  It removes the ones you don’t care about and tells you about the ones you do.  And it does all of this without any help from you.

Sabre & Amadeus

QBotic is available as a cloud service on Sabre and Amadeus.

What Others Say About QBotic:

QBotic Service has proven to be an extremely reliable tool in queue management for FCm Travel Solutions. It has reduced our agents workload in inbound queues by approximately 85%. The ongoing implementation process has been smooth and the support and service we have received from both top management and the support team has been PHENONOMENAL! The response time on everything from simple questions to configuration tweaks has been 24 hours or less…totally unparalleled with any other partner within our industry. We look forward to implementing QBotic within many of our brands within Flight Centre US and are thankful for such a strong partnership in servicing our clients.

-Amy Barnes, Team Leader, Development and Automation, FCm Travel Solutions

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