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KLeer - Waitlist management, Look for seats on sold out flights
KLeer - Waitlist management, Look for seats on sold out flights

Waitlist Management

KLeer will automatically look for seats on sold out flights, and then book and/or notify you when a seat is found.

Getting on a waitlist for a sold-out flight has become increasingly difficult. In many cases, it isn't allowed at all. And even when possible, there is no guarantee that the airline will confirm the seat. So you check availability as often as you can, multiple times a day, spending valuable time and energy to ensure the best for your clients. KLeer can help.

Just put a few simple remarks in a PNR, place it on queue, and KLeer will look for those seats for you. Throughout the day and night KLeer will check availability. If a seat is found, KLeer can also attempt to book for you. And KLeer will notify you. Brilliant!

Sabre Red App or Cloud Service

KLeer is available on Sabre only, as a Red App or as a Cloud Service.

Helper Script

Already have KLeer?

Looking for the helper script?
Find it here: KLeerLines Helper Script v2.0

Just download and save the script to your normal scripts folder. Ctrl-A in Sabre to start.

How to use KLeer

What Others Say About KLeer:

We first started work with Dale and his team at Travel Automation with their KLeer Sabre Red App. Although “out of the box” this App has transformed the relationship we have developed with our clients with the cost savings gained by finding those elusive cabin classes. We then requested them to develop a bespoke script solution for us and we have not looked back. We now have 5 script based programs that they have built which range from Approval to Quality Control to Invoicing. Pete has been an absolute pleasure to work with designing our programs. The attention to detail, understanding and delivering on our requirements and turn-around from start to finish on each project has been astoundingly quick. I highly recommend Travel Automation for any custom travel software requirements and they are the only company that we will use for any future projects.

- Marc Jülicher, Business First Partnership

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